Thursday, December 3, 2009

Puppies Training

Many people adopt a puppy because the puppy is cute or they want a fun companion. Some do not understand that each puppy needs special training and care. Puppies training are offered by many dog obedience trainers and schools. This type of training is an ideal way to teach a puppy how to sit, stay, come and heel. Of course there are many other tricks that can be taught with additional training but these are the basics. Intermediate and advanced obedience school can teach your dogs a variety of tricks and can prepare them for service to hospital and assisted living facilities. This type of activity is rewarding for you and your dog.

Owners are also taught during puppies training classes. Many owners are first time dog owners and do not understand what is required to teach their new puppy how to be well behaved. They also do not realize how to properly housebreak their new puppy. Going to a dog trainer who specializes in obedience training can help a new pet owner in the methods and techniques required for housebreaking as well as other types of training and tricks. Your veterinarian can also provide valuable information on training your pet. And of course it is important to provide the proper veterinarian care for you new puppy so it will grow up to be a health happy companion.

Puppies training classes are usually broken into two types of categories. Trainers hold separate classes for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. This is primarily due to the different temperaments of small dogs versus large dogs. Many large dogs are easier to train and less excitable while small dogs can be more stubborn and have a tendency to become more excited, especially around larger dogs. This is not necessarily true for all large dogs or all small dogs but it is a good rule of thumb. Most of the trainers also separate puppies from older dogs. The techniques are similar but older dogs need a little more direct handling than that of puppies.

Everyone loves new puppies and they enjoy watching them learn and grow. Attending puppies training classes can be enjoyable for the entire family. Not only to watch the puppies but also to learn how to properly train the puppies. Having the entire family join in on obedience training is beneficial not only for the family members but for the new puppy. If everyone in the family knows how to properly signal the puppy its commands then the puppy will be less confused and be able to be trained much faster.

Consistency is fundamental when training your new puppy. Staying focused, being persistent and maintaining a specific schedule will help your puppy in his puppies training classes. It will help to reduce or eliminate accidents because your puppy will learn faster. He can be housebroken must faster if you stay constant with his schedule. Feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, playtime schedules, all need to be consistent in order to be effective.

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