Friday, December 4, 2009

House Breaking a Puppy

When it comes to house breaking a puppy you have to be consistent with your training methods. If you are not consistent then your new puppy will not understand what you are trying to relay. In order to properly teach your puppy how to relieve itself outside rather than on your living room carpet, you have to be patient and calm when dealing with accidents. It is important that your puppy not be afraid of you and that it understands the frequent trips outside means it is time for it to relieve itself.

You will need to be prepared to watch your puppy and at the first indication that it is searching for a new place to relieve itself that you immediately take it outside. It does take time and patience on your part but persistence will soon lead to successfully house breaking a puppy. Your new puppy will catch on quickly that when it needs to urinate or defecate that outside the house is the place to be rather than indoors. This of course is dependent on you and how frequently your take your new puppy outside.

There are times in the beginning of house breaking a puppy where you will not be able to watch it every minute of the day. This is when you need to establish a place where your puppy can spend time when you are away from home. This will be your puppy’s place where it can sleep, eat and play while you are away from home. It can be a crate large enough to give your new puppy room to stretch, stand and sleep without being cramped. It is essential to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your puppy to reside.

You could also use a spare bathroom or utility room that has a non-carpeted floor and an area free from things that could potentially harm your puppy. If you decide to use a spare room of some kind then make sure you use a baby gate to keep your puppy contained rather than using a door that blocks your puppy from family activities. House breaking a puppy includes socializing it into your lifestyle, family and friends so it is important not to hide or lock your puppy away where it can feel scared or isolated. This could increase the time it takes to properly train your puppy and inhibit the bond between puppy and owner.

When house breaking a puppy you should make sure you provide a reward of some kind when your puppy relieves itself outside. The reward can be everything from a favorite treat to a favorite toy. It can also include playing around the yard or giving it some extra attention for a job well done. This type of positive reinforcement prompts positive behavior. Your puppy senses your feelings so when you are pleased your puppy is happier and more playful.

When you take your puppy outside to relieve itself you can also verbally tell it to go potty or find your spot. Some type of verbal trigger to help your new puppy associate your voice command with outside and relieving itself can aid in your house breaking a puppy. This can be of benefit when you take your puppy to a new location and you are attempting to get your puppy to urinate or defecate outside. Adding the verbal command will help your new puppy understand your intentions and expectations of your trip outdoors.

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