Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potty Training Dog

There are many techniques available for owners to use for potty training a dog. These techniques can be found on the internet or through dog training books. Understanding how to properly execute these various techniques are important for owners and the dogs they intend to train. Without a good understanding of how to train your dog you can confuse your dog and delay its training.

Potty training a dog can be simple. The most important aspect of housebreaking dogs is to be consistent with your approach. You also have to be patient and stick with the training technique you have selected. Switching from one housebreaking technique to another will confuse your dog and result in frustration on your part.

Determine which technique to use for potty training a dog will be dependent on the time you and your family members have available. Crate training is a good method to use if you leave the house each day to go to work. Crate training allows you to train your dog to not eliminate within his crate or bedding area. Dogs will usually not soil their beds and will wait as long as they can physically to relieve themselves in the proper potty area. Puppies have a shorter span in which they can hold their needs. When training puppies you will need to be able to provide a way for your puppy to relieve itself at shorter durations. Most puppies will not be able to wait up to eight or more hours before having to urinate or defecate.

Crate training may not be a viable option if you are not able to give your puppy access to his potty area frequently. The other alternative for potty training a dog is to use the paper training technique. This involves designating an area or room as the dog’s room. The entire floor is then covered with newspapers for your puppy to use. In the beginning your puppy will tear up the paper, drag it around and basically make a big mess. Overtime they will begin to isolate a particular area within their room in which to potty. Dogs naturally do not go the bathroom in their bed or near their feeding bowls. As the dog determines his potty area within his room your will be able to slowly eliminate the newspaper spread across the floor to just one area.

Another method that seems to work is to use puppy pads. Potty training a dog using puppy pads can help lead your dog ultimately to holding their eliminate needs until they go outside. Like with crate and paper training this technique is helpful for training new puppies. The puppy pads have a scent which attracts puppies and makes them want to potty. Some owners use puppy pads along with crate and paper training. Once the puppy uses only the puppy pads these pads can be transported outside to the puppy’s designated potty area. They can also be used indoors during inclement weather when dogs are not able to go outside.

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