Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Easy Tips on Potty Training Puppies

A new puppy can be an exciting addition to any family, The love and joy a puppy can bring to a family is incalculable. What is not so exciting, or enjoyable is the long process having to housebreak the newest member of the family. This article will give you some easy tips on Potty Training Puppies. There are many varied opinions about the correct methods to use when Potty Training Puppies and no two people have the same advice for the issue. I will give you some of the tips on Potty Training Puppies that my family has used in the past with our new furry friends.

The most singularly most important tip on Potty Training Puppies is to have patience, sometimes you may need the patience of job, but the truth is there is no dog that cannot be potty trained. You need to understand that you will have to endure a multitude of times when your puppy will go in the house, and no matter how much it annoys you, you cannot run behind them with a bucket 24/7 waiting for them to make. Accidents will occur and when they do just clean it up. Remember though that no matter how upset you get never scream at, or hit your new puppy, the only thing that they will learn from you this way is, fear. Having patience and being proactive is the first and most important of the easy tips on Potty Training Puppies.

The next tip I can offer you on Potty Training Puppies, is simply to take them out to a regular spot and on a regular schedule of every two hours. It's a simple concept, associate going to the bathroom with being outside. When you have the puppy outside, for any reason, tell them to go potty. This may sound like wishful thinking, but they will eventually begin to associate the word to the action. Animals are very associative by nature and they will eventually start to put the action, environment and command together. When they finish their business, it is vital that you praise them on a job well done; A pat on the head or a cuddle are good ways to show you are proud of them to doing right, dogs respond quickly to praise. So, tip number two on Potty Training Puppies is to get them onto a regular schedule and give them regular exposures to what the correct place is to do there business.

The final piece of advice I can give you on Potty Training Puppies is actually very simple; Do not overfeed your dog. This also means to not to give them too much to drink. You must try to remember that a puppy is not able to hold it as easily as a grown dog can. As a dog gets older it will naturally learn to be more in control of its system and will be able to more easily make it to where it is supposed to go.

Here are just a few simple and easy tips on Potty Training Puppies, there are hundreds of books, magazines and websites that will give you tons of advice, But In the end though you have to use the tips on Potty Training Puppies that work best for you and your dog. You need to keep in mind that every dog is unique, and that they will learn at their own pace but, patience and time are the two methods for you to use when potty training puppies.

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